In the first place, I feel myself as as artist and was used to work in very different techniques from water color on paper and oil on canvas to stone sculpture. However, with the time photography became more and more my favorite medium until I switched completely to that issue. In photography, my primary interest is "shooting" the picture; the post processing is a very secondary issue for me.

photography = taking pictures = capturing light = capturing life (as it "is" just in front of you)

This formula is a main point and challenge for me in the technique "photography" in contrast to other artistic techniques that require a more "doing-manipulating" aspect in the first row. Therefore, my images are usually neither posed nor arranged; they show what I see though the lens like cut-outs of our lives and worlds.


John Pollak, born in Pyskowice/Poland (1968) and raised in West Germany, graduated in Fine Arts, German and Mathematics from High school/College. He studied at the University of Mainz/Germany and realized a profession in Medical Imaging (as a physician and scientist). Thus, his life was minted by imaging in different aspects.

John was used to work in different techniques like works on paper and canvas and photography. However, Fine Art Photography became his main working field since his moving to New York City in July 2002 where he had his first solo exhibition.

Imaging perception in two dimensions - is John's central bias and his challenge: "In nearly every respect, my life was and is shaped by imaging."

Since 2003 John Pollak is represented by Galerie Förster.


A lot of my work ist done with a medium format camera and classic film develop technique. However, since I am interested in "shooting" the picture and not "manipulating" it in a post process, the digital technique is an easy way to achieve high quality results without spending much time in post processing like darkroom work. The quality of the resulting prints in archival technique is even superior and longer lasting than the conventional printing technique.

Purchasing Information

All photographs are digitally printed using high quality photo-weight paper and Epson hardware and ultracarbon inks for optimum print finish and maximum life. Independent testing indicates a print life in excess of 70 years when properly displayed. (For best longevity, prints should be over matted and mounted under glass; they should not be displayed in direct sunlight.)

Pictures are usually printed and sold  in very low and limited editions (5-15). These prints are specifically labeled as being in limited editions, along with the edition size. Editions are strictly limited regardless of the printing size (means that if a photograph is limited in edition to 10 prints, only 10 prints will ever be sold, regardless of the sizes they are ordered in). Usually, prices will increase as editions sell out.

Exact image size will vary, depending upon the dimensions of the image in question. At the moment 13"x19" is the largest optimized size currently available for any print (including a 1" border); however, not all images are available for purchase or in all sizes.

All prints are signed and numbered at the bottom. On request, prints can be matted and framed.


Prints are packed between solid cardboard and mailed in padded bubble mailers for additional protection. If a print should ever be damaged en route, we will replace the prints, at our own cost, once the damaged prints are returned to us.

Prints are shipped via express mail (3 to 5 days delivery within Canada and USA) once your check clears the bank, or within 4 days of your PayPal payment.
Shipping and Packaging costs are $10 - $20 based on the total cost of your order.

Ordering & Payment

Purchasing a print is easy and secure. Simply browse the images on this site, and if you see an image you would like to purchase note the image number and the project. For prizing and purchasing, please contact me or Galerie-Förster. We accept paychecks and credit card via PayPal.

On all orders, we have a money-back-guaranty: if a print doesn't fit your expectation, you can send it back to us within two weeks and we will transfer the paid money for the print back to you (requires a previous contact).


I feel myself as an artist in the first row and not a skilled photographer who sees photography as a craft. Therefore, assignment work can not be my prime intention. Nevertheless, it is a challenge for me to do assignment work like portraits, events etc. However, that work will always imply fine art photography too. In in this context, if you are interested in, don't hesitate to contact me. Prizes and conditions are always individual and depend mainly on the effort of the project.